ZONG 4G Internet Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

ZONG 4G Internet Packages

ZONG internet packages are famous all around the Pakistan. ZONG provides the most amazing and economical daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

We all know that Zong is one of the fastest-growing telecommunication company across Pakistan and the count of its customers are increasing day by day because of their quality service.

Zong Sim Lagao Offer provides you the most economical and beneficial internet packages that you couldn’t find anywhere else. It always tries its best to please its customer and takes every possible step to win their trust.

It also offers internet packages of different time periods keeping the need of the user under consideration. ZONG Day Time Offer (4 AM TO 7PM) and ZONG Good Night Offer (1AM – 9AM) are very famous in this regard.

Not only this, but ZONG also facilitates its customers by offering different social offers. This includes offers like ZONG free WhatsApp packages, ZONG free Facebook packages, Twitter, etc. And Zong also provides their New Sim Offers.

ZONG Daily Internet Packages

ZONG has earned much fame over the years and one of the major reasons behind this success is its Daily Internet Packages.

Its millions of customers love the budget-friendly daily internet packages provided by them. They always subscribe them and consume their balance in the most appropriate way.

Let us talk about ZONG Daily Basic Offer. It includes 100 MBs of internet for only Rs.23. It is valid for 1 Day and it considered best for personal use.

ZONG Daily Internet Packages

To activate this offer you have to dial *6464# and to check the remaining MBs *102# is the code you need to dial.

Another mind-blowing offer is ZONG Daily Data Max Offer. It provides you 500 MB internet and also 500 MB for YouTube for just 49.

This is ideal for one who wants to watch some YouTube videos on a particular day without wasting all of his balance because otherwise YouTube will be very costly without this package.

For subscribe of this package, you have to dial its subscription code i.e. *5#. This offer is valid for 1 Day.

ZONG also provides All in One Daily Offer. This offer doesn’t only consist of 40 MB internet but also 40 ON-Net minutes, 4 OFF-Net minutes, and 400 SMS only for Rs.20+tax.

The subscription code of this offer is *6464#. It is valid for only 1 Day and is considered to be an excellent offer.

Offer NameDetailsSubscription CodeStatus Code ChargesValidity
Zong Daily Basic Offer100 MBs*6464#*102#Rs. 231 Day
Zong Daily Data Max Offer500MBs + 500 (YouTube)*5#*102#Rs. 491 Day
ZONG All in 1 Daily Offer40 MBs, 40 ON-Net minutes, 4 Off-Net minutes, 400 SMS*6464#*102#Rs.20+tax1 Day
Daily Shandar Offer50 MBs of data, unlimited Zong minutes, 800 SMS*6464#*102#Rs.17+tax1 Day

ZONG Day/Night Offers

As described above, ZONG also provides offers valid during specific timings considering the need of its user. Two of them are discussed below.

First is ZONG Day Time Offer. This is a very amazing offer valid between 4AM – 9PM. It provides 1200 MBs of internet for just Rs.23.

The subscription code of this offer is *6464# or you can also message “dto” to 6464. It is valid for only 1 Day.

Second in ZONG Good Night Offer. This is another excellent offer valid between 1AM – 9AM. This offer includes 2500 MBs of internet for only Rs.16+tax.

In order to subscribe this offer, you need to dial *6464# or message “gno” to 6464. This offer has the validity of 1 Day only.

Offer NameDetailSubscription CodeChargesValidity
ZONG Day Time Offer1200 MBs (4am to 7pm)*6464# or SMS "dto" to 6464RS.161 Day
ZONG Good Night Offer2.5 GB (1am to 9am)*6464# or SMS "gno" to 6464Rs.161 Day


ZONG covers everything that could be useful and beneficial for its customers. For this reason, they have also introduced some amazing social offers specified for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Daraz, and Pak Wheels etc.

The benefit of having such offers is that you can activate the package of only that thing which you want to have, like WhatsApp or Facebook. You can enjoy your desired social activity for a very reasonable price.

To cover this thing, various social offers provided by ZONG are as under:


First is ZONG Facebook Daily Offer. As evident from the name, this offer is for those customers who want to use and enjoy only Facebook and no other social website.

ZONG provides them 1 GBs of almost free Facebook for just Rs. 8 valid for 1 Day. The subscription code is same as *6464# and to check the remaining MBs, dial *102#.

Second is ZONG Daily SMS and WhatsApp Offer. This bundle includes 500 SMS, and 30 MBs of WhatsApp for 1 Day. The charges for this offer are only Rs.7.

In order to activate, you have to dial *700# and if you want to unsubscribe it, message “unsub” to 700.

Third one is the ZONG Twitter Package. It includes 20 MBs specified only for Twitter. This offer charges are only Rs. 2+tax and is valid for 1 Day only.

The activation code of this offer is *6464# and the to check the remaining MBs, the code is *102#.

If you ask me, then personally my favorite offer is the ZONG Social Pack. It covers WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and provides 100 MBs of internet from them.

The validity of this offer is 1 Day and the charges for this offer are Rs.10+tax.

There are also other offers like Classified Pack Offer which provides internet MBs for websites like Daraz, PakWheels etc. Many of such offers are mentioned in the table below.

Offer NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
ZONG Social Pack100 MBs (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)*6464#Rs.101 Day
ZONG Facebook Daily1 GB*6464#Rs.81 Day
ZONG Daily SMS + WhatsApp bundle30 MBs (WhatsApp), 500 SMS*700#Rs.71 Day
ZONG Twitter Package20 MBs*6464#Rs.21 Day
ZONG Classified Pack50 MBs (Daraz, Lamudi, PakWheels and Carmudi)*6464#Rs.51 Day

ZONG Weekly Internet Packages

Like that of the daily internet packages ZONG have also done a great job when it comes to ZONG weekly Internet packages. It has introduced the most amazing and mind-blowing packages for its users.

These weekly internet packages are very economical and suits everyone. There subscription rate is very high because no one prefer to waste their balance. They utilize their mobile balance in the best way by activating such offers.

You are also suggested to subscribe to these budget friendly and beneficial packages that are described below:

ZONG Weekly Offers

ZONG offers Super Weekly Offer for its customers who wants to have an economical and fast internet throughout the week. It provides you 4 GBs of internet for 7 Days on the expense of only Rs.200.

To subscribe to this offer or any ZONG internet offer you have to dial *6464# and follow the instructions that will come afterwards.

The second offer about which I want to inform you people is the ZONG Super Weekly Plus offer. If you feel that the internet MBs provided in the previous offer are not enough for you, then this offer suits you the best.

So, considering the requirements of its user ZONG has provides 7GB of internet in this offer for just Rs.290. Its activation code is *20# and it is valid for 7 Days.

ZONG Weekly Offers

Even if the internet MBs provided in this offer are not enough for you then don’t worry because ZONG also have Zong Super Weekly Max Offer.

The offer consists of 30 GB of internet out of which 5 GB will be available between 4 AM to 4 PM, 15 GB will be available for YouTube, and the remaining 10 GB of internet will be 24 hours use.

This offer charges only Rs.365 and the subscription code for this offer is *220#. It is valid for 7 Days.

If you want to use and watch TikTok and YouTube together then ZONG Super Weekly Premium Offer will be the best for you. It offers you 30 GB of internet out of which 15 GBs are for YouTube and TikTok.

This offer costs Rs.365 and is valid for 7 days. For its activation dial *6464#.

ZONG Shandaar Weekly Offer is another excellent offer providing you not only 500MBs but also 500 ON-Net minutes, 40 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS for only Rs. 120+Tax. Its subscription code is *7#.

If you want to have more Internet MBs then you should go for All in 1 Weekly Offer or ZONG haftawar Load Offer. The details of all these offers is given in the table below:

Offer NameDetailsSubscription codeChargesValidity
ZONG Super Weekly Offer4 GBs*6464#Rs.2007 Days
ZONG Super Weekly Plus7 GBs (60 Off-net Mins, Unlimited Zong Mins, Unlimited SMS)*20#Rs.2907 Days
ZONG Super Weekly Max30 GB [10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 15 GB Data for YouTube]*220#Rs.3657 Days
ZONG Shandar Weekly Offer500MBs (500 ON-Net minutes, 40 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS)*7#Rs.120+Tax7 Days
ZONG All in 1 Week Offer4GB Internet, 60 Off-net Mins, 5000 Zong Mins, 5000 SMS in 220 *6464#Rs.2207 Days
ZONG Haftawar Load Offer3GB Data, 100 Off-net Mins, 1000 On-Net Mins, and 1000 SMS*70#Rs.1557 Days

ZONG Monthly Internet Packages

The monthly internet packages provided by ZONG are simply matchless. ZONG has continued to impress its customers by offering such a friendly budget monthly offers.

ZONG has introduced every type of internet offer keeping in view about the needs and requirements of different types of people. This is the main reason why it has millions of customers.

Here below I have tried to mention details of the ZONG Monthly Internet Offers. Must read about all of them and subscribe to the one that suits you the best.

ZONG Basic Monthly Offers

First on the list is ZONG Monthly Mini Offer. You can guess from the name that it must be providing a small amount of internet MBs. This offer is specially made for those customers who don’t need internet much but need to keep it for emergency use.

This offer is very common because it provides 150 MB for one month on the charges of just Rs. 50+tax. Although the MBs are not enough but considering the price it’s a quite descent package.

To activate it you simply have to dial *6464# and follow the steps accordingly.

Second one is ZONG Monthly Basic Offer. This offer is also a very fine one. It provides 500 MBs for Rs. 150+tax only. This offer lasts for one complete month. The activation code of this offer is *6464#.

ZONG Monthly Internet Packages

ZONG Monthly Premium Offers

Now it is the time to introduce you to some quality offers. ZONG has two types of Monthly Premium Offers. First one carries 5GBs of internet for just Rs.500. It is valid for 30 Days and the subscription code is *6464#.

The second Monthly Premium Offer consists of 30 GB of internet (15 GB for YouTube and TikTok) for Rs. 1000.  The way of activation is same. Such offers allow you to watch movies and trending dramas like Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman with ease.

ZONG Monthly WhatsApp Offer

Another offer has been introduced by ZONG for regular WhatsApp users. This offer is ZONG WhatsApp Offer. It gives you 5GB internet MBs for internet in just Rs.80.

For WhatsApp, 5GBs are considered as unlimited WhatsApp. The validity of this offer is 30 Days and its subscription code is *247#. This offer includes unlimited voice and video calling, sharing and downloading.

Further details of all these offers are mentioned in the table below:

Offer NameAmount of MBs/GBsSubscription CodeCharges/TaxValidity
ZONG Monthly Mini Offer150 MBs*6464#Rs.50+tax30 Days
ZONG Monthly Basic Offer500 MBs*6464#Rs.150+tax30 Days
ZONG Monthly Premium Offer (1)5GBs*6464#Rs.49930 Days
ZONG Monthly Premium Offer (2)30 GBs (15 GBs for YouTube and TikTok)*6464#Rs.100030 Days
ZONG Monthly WhatsApp Offer5 GBs*247#Rs.8030 Days

ZONG Super Card Offer

Finally comes the ZONG Super Card Offer which is the best option in my opinion. This offer doesn’t only provide 2500 MBs but also includes 2500 ON-Net minutes, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2500 SMS, 1 GB YouTube and free WhatsApp for whole month.

It is a complete package that includes everything that you want and most importantly it will last for a complete month. Moreover, I assure you that it will be more that enough for you and will surely make you tension free all the month once you have subscribed the package.

To subscription code of the ZONG Super Card Offer is *50#. This is the best ZONG offer a person could ever avail, so you should must go for it.

ZONG customers can also get thousands of free SMS, minutes, and MBs on an old ZONG sim that has been inactive for 30 days or more.

ZONG Internet Packages Subscription code and Status Check

You can subscribe or activate to any of the ZONG internet packages that are described below by dialing *6464# and then selecting the 4th option. In order to check the remaining MBs or other resources you have to dial *102#.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe/activate ZONG internet packages?

In order to activate any of the ZONG internet packages, you have to dial *6464#. Then you have to select the option no. 4.

 What is ZONG free WhatsApp code?

The code for ZONG unlimited free WhatsApp for a month is *247#. Its charges is only Rs.80.

What is ZONG free Facebook code?

ZONG provides you free unlimited Facebook. All you have to do is to shift your mobile from data mode to free mode and then enjoy Facebook.

Another option is the ZONG Daily Facebook offer which gives you 1GB for Facebook in just Rs.8 daily. Its subscription code is *6464#. The detail of this offer is mentioned above in this article.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All of the packages mentioned above are only for the ZONG prepaid customers.
  2. If you want to check the status of your package like remaining MBs, then you have to dial *102# and select the option accordingly (Most probably 4th option).
  3. In case you have consumed the entire internet package then you will be charged 4 Rs per MB.
  4. You cannot subscribe to two different internet packages at the same time. If you want to subscribe any other data package you need to unsubscribe the first one.

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