Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad in 2023 – Here’s Why

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

Spectrum Internet has long been a popular choice for internet service providers (ISPs) in many areas, but it has also gained a reputation for being unreliable, slow, and frustrating to use. While there are a number of factors that contribute to Spectrum’s poor performance, some of the most common complaints include slow speeds, high prices, limited bandwidth, and poor customer service. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these issues and explore some of the reasons why Spectrum Internet is so bad.

Reasons Why Spectrum Internet Is So Bad?

Following are some of the most common and talked about reasons of why spectrum internet is so bad. We would suggest you to take a look at these reasons so that you can make an informed decision while selecting an ISP.

Slow Uploads and Downloads Speed

Slow Uploads and Downloads Speed

One of the most common complaints about Spectrum Internet is slow speeds. Despite advertising “blazing-fast” speeds, many customers report that their internet connection is slower than they were led to believe. This can be frustrating for anyone who needs to download large files or stream video content, and it can make working from home or online gaming nearly impossible.

Another Internet Brand with same name

Spectrum faces a challenge due to the existence of another internet service provider with a comparable name, namely Charter Spectrum. Although separate from Spectrum, Charter Spectrum caters to consumers as well. However, some of these consumers hold negative opinions about the brand. Therefore, if they fail to distinguish between the two, they may end up posting a negative review for Spectrum mistakenly.

Overloaded Network

Overloaded Network

One of the many explanations of spectrum internet being so bad is that the network is simply overloaded. Spectrum internet has millions of customers across the United States, and if too many people are using the network at the same time, it can slow down for everyone. This is known as network congestion, and it can be a major problem for ISPs like Spectrum.

Speed Stealing

Speed Stealing

The internet speed of your WiFi network may decrease due to other devices connected to it without your knowledge, which could be your neighbor’s device or an unauthorized user. Weak WiFi passwords and device security can lead to internet theft, which can negatively impact your internet speed and result in additional charges for someone else’s usage. Spectrum’s Advanced Home WiFi provides a solution to control and monitor all the devices connected to your network. By using this feature, you can log out unauthorized devices manually and permanently block them from your WiFi network.

Outdated Infrastructure

Another possible explanation for slow speeds is outdated infrastructure. Spectrum, like many ISPs, relies on a combination of fiber optic and coaxial cable networks to deliver internet service to its customers. However, if the infrastructure is outdated or poorly maintained, it can cause signal loss and other issues that can slow down internet speeds.

Poor Customer Service

One of the major reasons of spectrum internet being so bad is that they provide inadequate customer support to their users. Upon calling the customer service hotline, they frequently encounter unskilled and impolite staff who fail to address their concerns and provide a satisfactory solution. As a result, this experience can be incredibly frustrating, leading some users to rate Spectrum negatively based on this issue alone.

Poor Customer Service

One reason of customer service being so bad is that the company is simply too big to provide good customer service. With millions of customers across the US, it can be difficult for Spectrum to provide personalized support to each individual. Additionally, Spectrum’s customer service representatives are often outsourced to third-party call centers, which can result in a lack of consistency and quality in the support that customers receive.

High Prices

In addition to slow speeds, many customers also complain about the high price of Spectrum Internet. While Spectrum offers a range of packages at different price points, many customers feel that they are paying too much for what they are getting. This can be especially frustrating when the service is slow or unreliable.

Why Is Spectrum Internet so expensive?

Spectrum Internet is often considered an expensive internet provider company. The prices are high and this might be due to the fact that the company has a near monopoly in many areas of the US. In some areas of the US, spectrum is the only choice for reliable and high-quality internet.

Another reason for the high prices of Spectrum Internet is the cost of maintaining the infrastructure. Spectrum uses a combination of fiber optic and cable networks to provide internet to its users. Maintaining and upgrading such an infrastructure can be pricey, and those costs are often passed on to customers in the form of higher prices.

Why are Spectrum Bills High?

Spectrum Internet bills are often high due to various reasons. Firstly, new Spectrum Internet subscribers are provided with discounts on their monthly internet fees for the first 12 months of service. After the promotional period ends, they are required to pay 15 to 18 percent more than the first-year promo rates, resulting in a noticeable price hike in the second year’s billing cycle.

Why are Spectrum Bills High

Secondly, subscribers are required to pay federal and state taxes in addition to their monthly internet fees. Moreover, additional surcharges are also added for receiving sports programming from channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Spectrum also imposes rental equipment fees on its HD Set-Top Box for cable TV, which is $11.75.

Additionally, fees such as franchise fees, PEG Capital Fees, and Regulatory Cost Recovery Fees can also be included in the bill. However, it is important to note that the government taxes and surcharges vary from state to state, resulting in a different monthly cost of Spectrum Internet service.

How to Make Internet Connectivity Better with Spectrum?

Unfortunately, some users have no say in choosing their internet service provider for their household due to local laws or lack of infrastructure in the place they live in. If you’re in this situation and have no other choice than you need not to worry about it. Following are some of the suggestions on how you can make your internet experience using Spectrum a better one.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, upgrading your Spectrum Internet plan may be the solution. Generally, upload speeds are three times slower than download speeds, so if you have a maximum download speed of 300 Mbps, your maximum upload speed will be only 10 Mbps.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

By upgrading to a higher tier plan, you’ll receive faster download and upload speeds. With Spectrum Internet Gig, for example, you’ll get an upload speed of up to 35 Mbps, which should be enough for tasks like live streaming games, uploading HD videos to YouTube, and participating in video calls without any lag.

Therefore, upgrading your Spectrum Internet plan can be a viable option to enhance your online experience.

Upgrade your router:

Investing in a high-quality router can be a game-changer when it comes to the strength and stability of your home’s WiFi connection. A good router can offer better coverage, faster speeds, and more stable connections, even with multiple devices connected to the network. If you’re experiencing slow speeds or dropouts, it might be time to upgrade your router. 

Upgrade your modem:

Upgrade your modem

Another excellent way to improve internet reliability and decrease frustrations with Spectrum is to purchase a new modem that can provide better speeds for your home.

Position your equipment in an unobstructed area:

When multiple devices are connected to the internet, it can cause the internet service to slow down. However, upgrading to a higher-speed internet service can increase the internet service output and reduce slowdowns. Furthermore, having a strong and reliable WiFi signal is important for an uninterrupted online experience. To achieve a stronger signal, investing in a high-quality router can help.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network

If you’re experiencing slow upload speeds while using the internet, one of the things to consider is switching off your Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is because a VPN adds an extra step in the process of sending and receiving data over the internet, which can cause a decrease in upload speed. It is recommended to switch off the VPN when it is not required to avoid increased upload times and high latency.

Adjust your bandwidth:

If you don’t require a lot of bandwidth, or you believe you might need a bit more, access your Spectrum settings and adjust your bandwidth. The default bandwidth is usually set at 20 MHz, which can be sluggish. Increase it to 40 MHz for better connectivity.

Using Ethernet Cord

One way to increase the upload speed of your Spectrum Internet is to use an Ethernet cord to directly connect your device to the modem or router. Think of the internet speed like a bucket of water that needs to be distributed equally among multiple glasses.

Using Ethernet Cord

When connected via Ethernet, the modem receives the maximum download and upload speeds while other devices connected to the network, acting like glasses, receive only a portion of the internet speed. This is why it’s better to have fewer routers and devices connected to the network for faster upload speeds.

Final Verdict

Spectrum internet service has faced criticism from some users due to a lack of customer support, miscommunications with other providers, and slow and unreliable connections. However, there are ways to improve your experience. Despite these issues, Spectrum remains a popular internet service provider in many areas of the US and has received positive reviews from satisfied customers as well.

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