Ufone Internet Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Offers

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is one the most densely populated telecommunication network working all across Pakistan. One of the biggest reasons behind its success is the Ufone Internet Packages.

It has millions of customers and this count is very speedily increasing day by day because of the excellent and mind-blowing internet offers and packages provided by the Ufone.

The internet packages of Ufone are made keeping in view the need and the requirements of its user. So that every customer could choose the package that suits him the best.

Ufone has made a good name when it comes to Internet Packages because it provides the most economical and budget friendly daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

Along with the daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly internet packages, ufone also provides some quality hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly social offers so that you can enjoy WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and many other social sites.

These social offers have been made so that you could utilize your balance in the most effective way. You can subscribe to the packages simply by dialing these respective subscription code.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone Daily Internet Packages are very much loved by its customers because they fulfill the timely requirement very handsomely.

This means that if you need internet MBs in an emergency situation only for that small period of time then you can immediately apply some of the Ufone Daily Internet Package.

There is a list of Daily Internet Packages so that you could choose according to your need. Let us have a look about some of them.

First on the list is Ufone Special Daily Package. It offers you 50 internet MBs and separate 500 MBs for social use. Social use includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

It charges only Rs.6 and is valid between 1am – 9pm. In order to subscribe it, you have to dial *3461# and then you can enjoy the offer.

Second is Ufone Daily Light Offer. It provides 40 MBs internet and 500 social MBs for 1 day in just Rs.12. Its subscription code is *2256#.

There are also some other excellent daily packages like Ufone Mega Internet Package and Ufone Daily Heavy Offer whose details are given in the table below.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages
Package NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
Ufone Special Daily Package500 MBs(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), 50 MBs Internet*3461#Rs.61 Day (1am - 9pm)
Ufone Daily Light Package500 MBs(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), 40 MBs Internet*2256#Rs.121 Day
Ufone Mega Internet Package2 GBs Internet*550#Rs.151 Day(1am - 8am)
Ufone Daily Heavy Package500 MBs(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), 75 MBs Internet*2258#Rs.181 Day

Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

In some case, you need internet for more than one day and less than a weak. So, you have to subscribe weekly internet package spending some extra balance unwillingly.

The Ufone company looked into the problem and introduced a 3 Days internet package that is extremely appreciated by the customers.

Ufone offers 3 Day Bucket that provides you 100 MBs for internet and 500 MBs for social use like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

The offer costs only Rs.30 and is valid for 3 Days. In order to subscribe this amazing offer, you simply have to dial *3350#.

Ufone 3 Day Internet Package
Package NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
Ufone 3 Day Bucket500 MBs(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), 100 MBs Internet*3350#Rs.303 Days

Ufone Weekly Internet Package

Ufone offer its customers some excellent weekly internet offers that are very common and helps you to utilize your balance is the best possible way.

It is highly recommended to apply some package before using internet because each MB you use will eat your balance and it will cost you heavily.

One of the Ufone Weekly Internet Offers is the Ufone Super Internet Package. It provides 1.2 GB internet for 7 days in just Rs.130. Its subscription code is *220#.

Other is the Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Offer. It gives you 6 GBs internet (3 GBs from 1am to 8am) in just Rs. 175 for 7 days. The subscription code of this offer is *260#.

Ufone Weekly Internet Package
Package NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
Ufone Super Internet Package1.2 GB Internet*220#Rs.1307 Days
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus6 GBs (3 GBs from 1am to 8am)
*260#Rs.1757 Days

Ufone Monthly Internet Package

Monthly Internet Packages are the ones that are being used by customers the most. In the present time, internet has become a necessity of man and everyone wants to have internet all the time.

That is why Ufone has introduced the most amazing Ufone Monthly Internet Packages so that its customers could use and enjoy internet for whole month at a very small cost.

First on the list is Ufone Super Internet Plus. It provides you 5GBs WhatsApp and 8 GBs internet for 30 Days in just Rs.499. Its subscription code is *290#.

Second is Ufone Monthly Light. It contains 2 GBs for social use and 1 GB for internet use in just Rs.390. It is valid for 30 days and in order to activate it you have to dial *7807#.

Another amazing offer is Ufone Monthly Heavy Package. This offer includes 2 GBs for social use and 3 GBs for internet use in Rs.780 for the whole month. The subscription code is *803#.

Last is the Monthly Max Offer which provides you 10 GBs internet and separately 2 GBs for social use in Rs.1560. It is valid for 30 days and the subscription code is *5100#.

Package NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
Ufone Monthly Light2 GBs(Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), 1 GB Internet*7807#Rs.39030 Days
Ufone Super Internet Plus5 GBs (WhatsApp), 8 GBs Internet*290#Rs.49930 Days
Ufone Monthly Heavy2 GBs (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), 3 GBs Internet*803#Rs.78030 Days
Ufone Monthly Max2 GBs (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), 10 GBs Internet*5100#Rs.156030 Days

Ufone Social Internet Packages

Ufone has announced Social Daily, weekly, and monthly offers that will allow you to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and to keep you social all the time.

Here are the descriptions of packages containing information on charges, volume and validity. You can now enjoy such amazing offers at affordable rates.

Ufone Social Daily Bundle has 100 MBs in only Rs.6. Its usage is applicable only on WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook. The subscription code of this offer is *4422*and is valid for 1 day.

Daily chat bundle is containing 500 MB for WhatsApp and 10,000 SMS on all networks for 1 day in just Rs.6. To activate Ufone Daily Chat Bundle you have to simply dial *3465#.

Another is Ufone Streaming Offer which allow you to enjoy videos on YouTube and Daily Motion. It provides 500 MBs for this cause in just Rs. 10 for the next 1 hour. Its subscription code is *78#.

Last one is Ufone Social Monthly Offer. It is dedicated to WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook only and provides 1 GB for them. The offer is valid for 30 Days.

If you want to activate it then its subscription code is *5858#. This offer costs only Rs. 60. The details of all the social packages are summed up in the table below

Ufone Social Internet Packages
Package NameDetailsSubscription CodeChargesValidity
Ufone Social Daily Offer100 MBs (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)*4422#Rs.61 Day
Ufone Daily Chat Offer500 MBs (WhatsApp) + 10,000 SMS*3465#Rs.61 Day
Ufone Streaming Offer500 MBs (YouTube, Dailymotion)*78#Rs.101 Hour
Ufone Social Monthly Offer1 GB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)*5858#Rs.6030 Days

Useful Information

Ufone Internet Packages Activation and Remaining MBs

If you want to know about the internet packages provided by Ufone from your smartphone then you have to dial *3# and can select the internet package you want to activate.

While you can also check the remaining resources of your activated internet package by simply dialing *706#. This will give you all the details regarding remaining resources like MBs, minutes, and SMS.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices are tax-inclusive.
  2. Bucket subscribers will receive the highest speed available. Actual Internet speed depends on various factors like location, time, device, accessed web pages, number of subscribers, etc.
  3. All WhatsApp calls will be charged from data bucket resources.
  4. All buckets are valid for only prepaid customers.
  5. To check the remaining resources, dial *706#.
  6. In order to improve customer experience, every session reserves some data volume.


How to get free WhatsApp on Ufone?

All Ufone prepaid customers can enjoy free unlimited WhatsApp including WhatsApp messages, voice calls, video calls and audio/video sharing by simply dialing *987#.

How to get free Facebook on Ufone?

You can get free unlimited Facebook on Ufone by dialing *3434# and enabling free Facebook on your Ufone number. After making your Facebook to free mode, you can enjoy Facebook without balance.

How to check remaining resources?

If you want to check the remaining resources like remaining internet MBs, minutes, and SMS, you have to dial *706#.

How to check Ufone balance?

In order to check balance of Ufone sim, you have to dial *124#.


In the article above, I have tried my best to give you detailed information about the Ufone Internet Packages. I hope you will like this article and easily find the required package.

If u still have any query regarding any Internet Packages, feel free to contact us. You can also read the posts regarding internet packages of other networks by clicking on them.

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