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Tim Sim Cards Italy

A trip to Italy is a trip you will never forget, especially during spring, when the cold breeze is in air, and flowers are blooming. What makes it even better is showing all that to your family who are back at home. That may seem like a pull, but it is possible thanks to new Tim tourist offers. Making them part of your experience may make it better.

Tim is one of the leading service providers in Italy. Telecom Italian originated it. They have been serving around 97% of Italy with 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE, and around 94% of the population enjoys Tim’s 4G services. In 2017 band 32 was added on 1500MHz for LTE in many areas to enhance Tim’s service.

In the article below, we will discuss the new and exciting Tim Italy tourist offers and other information regarding Tim prepaid sim cards, stating whether Tim prepaid sim cards are a good choice for your trip or not. We will also discuss some relevant information which you will find help full during your trip:

Tim Italy tourist sim

Tim Tourist Offers:

Tim gives us a lot of lemons to make lemonade. Not just that they offer tourist sim cards, but they also have special 5 offers for them.

Tourist Offer:

The offer includes 15 GB of data, 200m minutes of local and international calls, and unlimited SMS. On top of that, this offer does include roaming, with no extra cost. There are no extra charges for call setup, and spending is controlled to avoid surprises. The package is run on a 4G connection.

If you are going to visit other countries after Italy and want to enjoy roaming, then these offers are more suitable for you:

Tourist offer
  • In 20 euros you will get 10 GIGA, 500 minutes and 500 SMS which can be used in Europe, Canada and brazil
  • In 30 euros you will get 2 GIGA, 100 minutes and 100 SMS, which can be used in countries outside Europe.
  • In 12 euros, you will get unlimited local calls and 300 minutes roaming, 50GB of data, and unlimited SMS
  • In 15 euros, you will get unlimited local calls, 300 minutes roaming, 100 GB of data, and unlimited SMS

Tim Tourist sim card:

Tim introduced a tourist sim card which cost only 20 euros. It includes 200 minutes and 15 GB of data with a 4G/ LTE connection, roaming inside Europe for 8.6 GB a month. Sim card allows roaming for 65 countries with 3G and 4G with 32Kbps speed. This sim card is hard to find in Italy, but you may find it at Tim retail outlet.

Tim Offers:

If tourist offers are not suitable for you, you can always get other prepaid offers from Tim. These offers include:

Piani base, AKA base plans. This category contains 2 simple plans, one Tim base e chat and time base new:

  1. Tim base e chat is free for the new user for the first month after they have activated their sim card. Afterward, you will need to pay around 2 euros monthly for this package. This plan is only useful if you use social media sites; this plan is only set on default if you have already activated any other data package on your sim card.
  2. Tim base new also known as Tim semplice. This plan has a bit higher for domestic SMS and calls. It also has a connection fee. This offer is best for those customers who do not prefer add on offers

Tim charges 4 euros for default data, but with that, they also provide you with 500MB at 4G LTE at a speed of 32 Kbps. So they really do make your money worth it.

After these come combo plans. These plans are a combination of different packages. All of these packages are valid for a month. These plans consist of;

Tourist sim card
PlanPriceSpeedTop up DataAutopay DataEU CapAdd on’s
Tim super young11.99 euros5G50 GB25 GB20 GBTim music and free chat
Tim supper 19.99 euros5G100 GB50 GB13 GB Tim music and multi SIM
Tim super unlimited39.99 euors5GUnlimited unlimited24 GBTim music, Multi Sim 200 IDD minutes
Tim super 14.99 euros 4G50 GB25 GB11GBTim music
Tim 60+12.99 euros4G6 GB4GBallFree chat

Tim Data Offers:

These offers are valid on Tim’s new data sim, which cost around 5 euros and comes with 25 euros top up and 20 euros credit.

Data offers
PlanpriceDataEU CapSpeedValidity
Supergiga 409.99 euros 20 GB6 GB4G1 month
Supergiga 10013.99 euros50 GB8 GB4G1 month
Internet 100GB49.99 euros100 GB50 GB4G6 month
Internet 200GB99.99 euros200 GB50 GB4G1 year
Supergiga 20019.99 euros100 GB16 GB5G1 month

Why to purchase a sim card when traveling to Italy:

When traveling to Italy, you need a way to stay connected to your relatives or friends, back at home, unless you are traveling with them. Despite that, we can all agree that social media has become a huge part of our lives; believe it or not, we depend on it, whether traveling or at home.

The cheapest way to stay connected is via data. I would not recommend anyone to purchase a modem or a USB if their stay is less than a year. Prepaid sim cards have packages for short-term data, SMS, and call, which can be taken advantage of at very reasonable prices. Other than this, international call and message service is also provided, through which you can call and text your family, but they are a bit costly.

Where can you buy Tim’s prepaid sim card from?

In Italy, buying a sim is nothing different from purchasing a sim card in any other country. You are provided with the same options, and you can choose whichever one suitable for you


When landing on most probably Milan Airport or Venice Airport, you will find stores selling sim cards of different service providers; among them will be Tim as well. However, it is not recommended to purchase a sim card from an Italian airport since they add value to a sim card, resulting in more costly.

Where can you buy Tim’s prepaid sim card from


You can go to the Tim card service web page and purchase a sim card from there. It is easy and can be done before your departure. This way, you will be saved from all the hassle of looking around for shops selling them, and the sim will be delivered to your doorstep. All you need to have is a shipping address in Italy. When ordered online, you will be charged additional 20euros and can be given 15 euros credit pre-loaded. There are no delivery charges

Retail outlet

You can visit Tim’s retail outlet and purchase a sim card from there. They will be able to guide you to which sim card you need, you will be able to get personal service, and other than that, you can only get your sim card registered from the retail outlet. It may be hard to find a retail outlet, but you can always use Google Maps. It will be hard to load it without the internet, so you will need to check before arriving in Italy.

All options above can be availed, but you will need to visit the retail outlet for activation and registration. So no matter which way you purchase it you will have to visit the store. This time, I would recommend purchasing it from the store, it will be cheaper, and you will end up going there anyway.


To top up your Tim sim card, you will need to visit a local store to buy a voucher with 16 digits. Type that code and text it to 40916. You can also top up your sim card online via a webpage. Tim sim card will cost you 10 euros when purchased from a retail outlet and come with 5 euros of pre-loaded credit.

How to activate and what you need to purchase:

To purchase a Tim sim card, you will need to have your id card or passport and age above 16. Other than that, to activate your sim card, you will need to make sure that your phone is unlocked. Many foreign phones are locked, from the first day, especially if you lease them or buy them on loan. Hence make sure your phone is unlocked. Tim sim card may take around 48 hours to activate.

How to activate and what you need to purchase

All you need to do is send a SMS to number 2500 with text WEB. Once you have received a confirmation SMS, text back at same number with text WEBOK The activation is not free of cost, on a few retail outlets they cost you 3 euros for that


Italy is a very beautiful country. When you visit, for sure you will want to share your daily experiences with your friends and family. That is why we collected all the information above and put it together in one piece so you don’t have to waste your time researching. In my opinion, Tim’s tourist sim card and Tim tourist offers are both good for a short and long-term stay. Rest is up to you. I hope I have helped.


Which sim card is best in Italy?

According to recent tally, Tim prepaid sim card has been most preferred sim card in Italy.

How to activate Tim sim card?

Refer to activation subheading above

How to recharge tim sim card?

You can purchase a voucher or it can also be done online

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