How to Check Telenor Number 2023 – Latest Method

Telenor Number Check Code

It often happens to people that they forget their own sim card number and they don’t even have balance to call to someone else to know the number. If you are that someone then you need not to worry because in this article we’ll let you know five simple and convenient methods on how you can know your Telenor sim card number.

How to Check Telenor Number?

Following are the different methods you can use to check your Telenor number.

Method: 01

  1. Access the phone dialer application on your mobile device.
  1. Input the code 7421 and initiate the call by clicking the call icon.
Method  01
  1. Your designated Telenor number will be sent to you from 7421.

Method: 02

  1. To start, open the messaging app on your phone and create a new message.
  1. Send a blank message to 667.
Method  02
  1. After a while, you’ll receive a message from the service with details about your Telenor number, such as when it was activated and the owner’s name.

This service is not free and you will be charged, so make sure you have enough credit on your account before using it.

Method: 03

Telenor users can also check their numbers by going to the official site. There you will find a chat box through which you can talk to the Telenor Customer Service Representative.

Method: 04

Telenor customers can dial the helpline number 345 and retrieve their SIM card’s information. Follow the operator’s instructions attentively and provide all the necessary details asked of you, such as your name, CNIC and IMSI.

Method  04

Once you have successfully completed the process, the operator will share vital details regarding your SIM card.

Method: 05

To access your account information, you can download and install the My Telenor app on your device. After installing the app, sign in to launch it if you already have an account. If not, sign up by providing all the necessary details required for registration.

Method 05

Once you have successfully registered, open the app and click the start button and your designated Telenor number will be shown to you.

Final Verdict

There are several ways through which you can check your Telenor sim card number. All the methods are easy, simple and free except for two. This article explains all the methods briefly for you.

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