Omantel Postpaid Plans 2023

Omantel Postpaid Plans

Omantel, established in 1996, is the first and only internet service provider in Oman. Omantel offers a number of postpaid plans to its customers that suit everybody’s needs and budget. These plans include Baqati plans, Baqati Extra, Erada Baqati, Al Ufuq Baqati, Hayyak plans, and Nama plans with so much to offer.

All the plans offer great value for money and include local and international calling calls, internet data, World roaming data, and SMS. Baqati plans mostly include unlimited local calls, Hayyak plans are for those who use more internet data, and Nama plans are specially designed for the needs of businesses.

Omantel Postpaid Plans

Omantel Baqati Postpaid Plans

The following table shows Omantel Baqati’s postpaid plans. The first plan comes with 24 GB of data for local and GCC usage, unlimited local calls and 50 minutes for international calls. The contract for this plan is for 12 months and price is OMR 15.

Omantel Baqati Postpaid Plans

Another plan that cost OMR 99 offers unlimited local data and 50 GB of data for GCC, unlimited local calls, 500 minutes for international calls, and 15 GB of world roaming data. The plan also provides 300 minutes for roaming incoming calls. Additionally, it comes with one data sharing SIM, and the contract is for 12 months.

Price / MonthBenefitsInternational CallWorld Roaming DataContract
OMR 15Data (local & GCC) 24 GB
Local Call Unlimited
50 min-12 Months
OMR 20Data (local & GCC) 40GB, then unlimited with 512 kbps
Local Call Unlimited
100 min5 GB12 Months
OMR 25Data (local & GCC) 60GB, then unlimited with 512 kbps
Local Call Unlimited
200 min6 GB12 Months
OMR 35Data (local & GCC) 80GB, then unlimited with 512 kbps
Local Call Unlimited
Data Sharing SIM 1
300 min100 min12 Months
OMR 99Data (local) Unlimited
Data (GCC) 50 GB
Local Call Unlimited
Roaming Incoming Call 300 min
Data Sharing SIM 1
500 min15 GB12 Months

Baqati Extra Data Addon

Baqati extra data Add-on offers 5GB add-on internet data for Baqati OMR 15 plans until the end of the month. The second plan offers unlimited add-on internet data for Baqati OMR 20, 25 and 35 plans for up to 7 days.

For Baqati OMR 15 PlanOMR 55 GBUntil end of the month
For Baqati OMR 20, 25, 35 PlansOMR 5Unlimited7 Days

Send ‘B’ to 90087 and select Baqati MBB to activate any of the following offers.

Postpaid No Contract Plans

The following table shows different packages, with prices ranging from OMR 9 to OMR 40 per month. The plans come with varying amounts of data, ranging from 14 GB to 80 GB. Some plans include world roaming, while others do not.

Postpaid No Contract Plans

Users can get 80GB internet data, 10GB world roaming data, unlimited local calling minutes and 300 international calling minutes for OMR 40 excluded of VAT.

Price / MonthlyDataWorld RoamingLocal CallInt’l Call
OMR 914 GB1000 min
OMR 1016 GB1000 min
OMR 1724 GBUnlimited50 Min
OMR 2440 GB5 GBUnlimited100 Min
OMR 2960 GB6 GBUnlimited200 Min
OMR 4080 GB10 GBUnlimited300 Min

Postpaid Unlimited Plans

Postpaid Unlimited Plans

Get unlimited internet data, unlimited local calling minutes, unlimited SMS and 500 international calling minutes for OMR 99 excluding VAT. To activate this plan, Send ‘B’ to 90087.

Price / MonthlyDataSMSLocal CallInt’l Call
OMR 99UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited500 min

Erada Baqati Postpaid Plans

Users can get 14GB internet data and 1000 local calling minutes for OMR 14.45.

Erada Baqati Postpaid Plans

Another package offers 24GB data, unlimited calling minutes and 50 international minutes for OMR 14.45

Price / MonthlyDataLocal CallInternational Call
OMR 7.6514 GB1000 min
OMR 14.4524 GBUnlimited50 Min


How do I avail the Baqati plans offered by Omantel?

Download the Omantel application into your mobile device and subscribe the Baqati plan through the app.

How do I check the remaining balance of internet data?

To check the remaining balance dial *236#.

What is Baqati Extra?

Baqati Extra offers an a-la-carte menu that enables you to tailor your plans according to your preferences or add them to your current Baqati bundle. All Baqati Extra plans renew automatically.

Final Verdict

Omantel postpaid plans are worth considering with affordable prices and convenient data options. With varying validity periods, users can choose a plan that suits their needs and budget. The plans ensure high-speed and reliable internet connectivity across the country. Overall, Omantel postpaid plans are a great deal for those looking for affordable and convenient mobile data solutions in Oman.

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