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Happy tourist sim Thailand dtac

About DTAC happy tourist sim card and why it is a good choice.

Who doesn’t like Thai food; Kang Pao chicken, pad Thai, Khao pad, and many more delicious dishes came out of this civilization Thai. Sometimes we want to visit this land and taste our favorite meals from an original Thai chef, and on that perfect meal trip, DTAC happy tourist sim card will assist you.

DTAC offers a happy tourist sim card from Telenor, Thailand’s third popular service provider. They have taken a hung sack of market with around 18.9 million customers and total revenue of 23.7 billion. It is the most purchased sim card in Thailand.

Why purchasing DTAC happy tourist sim card is necessary:

Why purchasing DTAC happy tourist sim card is necessary

One of the cheapest ways to stay connected to your family and friends is via data when visiting Thailand. I would not recommend anyone whose trip is shorter than a year to purchase a modem or any Wi-Fi device. Hence purchasing DTAC happy tourist sim card is a good option.

Thailand may be an unfamiliar land to a tourist, hence negotiating with cab drivers to take a shot route or understand the route explained by a local. However, you can access Google Maps with the happy tourist sim card. No help need.

Happy tourist sim card also offers discounts on several transport facilities and restaurants, making your visit even more cheap and memorable.

DTAC offers 4 tourists sim cards with marvelous data offers with high-speed data.

Dtac tourist sim card:

  • Sim 1: 15 GB of data 15THB call credit, unlimited on-net calls, free data on chat application usage (selective), and international calls via 00400 in 299THB. This sim card is valid for 8 days only. If you purchase this sim card from Suvarnabhumi airport, you will get discounted price of 235. If purchased from Bangkok 250BHT
  • Sim 2: 30 GB of data, 15THB free call credit, unlimited calls on the net. Free data on chat application (selective) and special international calls via 00400 in 599THB. This sim card is valid for 15 days only.
  • Sim 3: 5 GB of data, free 15THB call credit, unlimited on-net calls, free data on chat application (selective), and special international calls via 00400 for 4 days, in 149 in THB
  • Sim 4: unlimited data, free 15THB call credit, free data on chat application (selective) for 1, and special international call via 00400.
  • Sim 5: unlimited data, free group calls, and special international call rate via 00400, for 7 days, in 199BHT
Dtac tourist sim card

Remember to keep track of your usage as extra usage will be charged 2THB per MB on data, 0.99THB per minute call, 3THB per SMS, and 5THB per MMS.

Where to buy from:

Happy tourist DTAC is not that hard to find. There are figuratively several places you can purchase this sim card from:


Purchasing a sim card from the airport is a good choice. It helps you get on the grid as quickly as possible, and unlike French airports, in Thailand, you can purchase a sim card from many spots in the airport. At Donmuang international airport, there are shops at terminals 1 and 2 on the first-floor arrival. At Phuket international airport, there is a shop at the international terminal on 1st floor. You can also find shops selling DTAC happy tourist sim cards at Suvarnabhumi international airport, U- tapao international airport, and Krabi International airport.

Convenience store:

If not purchased from the airport, many local retailers are selling happy tourist DTAC sim cards such as 7-Eleven, family mart, Tesco Lotus, and big C.  If not able to purchase from any convenience store, try locating DTAC’s retail outlets. Just search the DTAC store in Google Maps, and it will lead you to it.

Convenience store


Purchase the DTAC happy tourist sim card online, and upon arrival, you can pick the sim card up at the airport.

Balance check and top-up

Remember to keep track of your balance. You do not want to take a loan from a sim card company you will never use again, and what if you cannot pay it back. Hence make sure to keep a balance check. All you need to do is dial *101*9# and your balance will be displayed.

If you forget your number, dial *102*9#, and your mobile number will be displayed.

Activation and registration:

There is no particular restriction regarding registration and activation. Unlike other tourist sim cards, you don’t need to show your passport and ID card to activate your sim card unless it is required by law or retailer. All you need to do is insert your sim card into your phone, and that is all. This sim card will only work as long as you stay in Thailand. DTCA happy tourist sim card does not work outside Thailand.

In case your Thai language is a bit weak, no need to worry happy tourist sim cards offer translation in 6 languages

Customer service:

If you have any other questions we can’t answer, you can always install the DTAC application. It’s a real-time application, providing insights into the market and relevant and brief information on the services they offer. You can also visit the company’s website dtac.co.th.

You can also call on +662-202-8000. Many English-speaking consultants speak English and are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate you DTAC tourist sim card?

There are no particular processes to activate you DATC tourist sim card. Just insert the sim card and call whoever you want to.

How to find my DTAC number?

Dial *102*9# and your number will be displayed on screen

How to extend my DTAC validity?

Extending validity is different for each time frame. Here is the USSD method of extension:

  • For 365 days It will cost 2 BHT per month
  • Dial *113*30*9# for 30 days extension in 2 BHT
  • Dial *113*60*9# for 60 days extension in 4 BHT
  • Dial *113*90*9# for 90 days extension in 6 BHT
  • Dial *113*180*9# for 180 days extension in 12 BHT


DTAC happy tourist sim card is an excellent choice if you want to have a comfortable trip to Thailand. It offers amazing data and call packages and since it gives you a discount on many facilities. So in conclusion, DTAC happy tourist sim card makes your trip cheaper than you planned it would be. Hope this article was helpful.

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