Etisalat Speed Test 2023 – Test Etisalat Internet Speed

Etisalat Speed Test

Etisalat Internet Speed Test is a tool used by Etisalat users to check their internet speed. It is a free tool that checks to upload, downloading speed, and quality of the Internet. Let me give you an example. If you are facing a low-speed internet issue and are about to call your Internet service provider, wait and read this article till the end to find a smarter way to do this. Etisalat Internet Speed Test is a reliable test that you can conduct to cross-check whether your Internet provider is giving you the speed you asked for or not.

Why Do You Need an Etisalat Internet Speed Test?

A fast and high-speed internet connection is a key essential in this era. People who run their businesses from home or students who are enrolled in online courses need an internet connection that provides strong signals. A slow-speed internet service is going to cost them a lot in their professional and educational career. This is where the Etisalat Internet Speed test comes and rescues its users.

Why Do You Need an Etisalat Internet Speed Test

Anybody can take this test simply from their laptop or mobile to cross-check if their Internet service provider is giving the speed he is supposed to. One of the best things about this speed test tool is that it gives quick and accurate results and it is quite easy to use.

How to Check Your Internet Speed Using Etisalat Speed Test?

The test is very simple and easy to run. Just go to the internet speed checker and hit the button “Run Speed Test“. It will take a few moments to complete the test and show you the following results.


Download Speed Test

This test can tell you the ability of your internet connection in terms of speed. The tool conducts this test by downloading small-sized files from the nearby server to your computer. Once the download is complete, it shows you how much time the internet has taken to complete the download.

Upload Speed Test

The Upload speed test in the Etisalat tool is quite the opposite of the download speed. Instead of downloading it uploads the files to the server when you start the test. It follows the same approach in the beginning as of download speed test i.e. locates and connects the device with the nearby server. Once the device is connected, it starts uploading small-sized files and tells you about the speed and time taken to complete the process.

How to Check Your Internet Speed Using Etisalat Speed Test

Packet Internet Network Groper

Packet Internet Network Groper (Ping) measures the latency of the data between the testing device and the server. It means Ping measures the delay time that is taken by the data to reach its destination. If the Ping shows a latency of more than 200ms, your internet connection is slow and of low quality.


Jitter calculates the delay time and latency rate data takes to reach the destination from the origin. It also tells the potential causes that result in this delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to run the Etisalat internet speed test?

Make sure to disconnect all the devices connected to your internet except the one from which you will run the test. Just simply go to the speed checker and click the button ‘’Run Speed Test’’. It will take a few moments to show you the results.

What should be the downloading and uploading speed?

A downloading speed of 5-10 Mbps and an uploading speed of 1-100 Mbps is considered to be good. However, these speeds depend upon the type of usage and surfing.

Why is my internet not fast although the speed test showing good results?

There are many other factors that also affect the speed and quality of your internet connection. For example, bad weather conditions and damaged internet cables, etc.

What is considered to be a good internet speed?

Well, it completely depends on your online activities. If you are a gamer or you like to watch Netflix and hot star, then 10 Mbps internet good would be good enough for you.

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