Etisalat Internet Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Etisalat Internet Packages

Wi-fi is a great facility, but sadly it is bound from location to location. That is why many users prefer mobile data, it is not restricted to router and has wider access and can be on the go.

Many people prefer contacting via social media applications. As it is cheaper than purchasing balance, even while using data, being honest youth these days prefer social media communication over call .

Etisalat has been serving over 155 to 167 users worldwide and ranked as 14Th among the world leading telecommunication companies. Internationally they are accessible in 16 countries, which in one way or another are serving UAE.

Locally, Etisalat provide splendid services to all its users. They were known to be pioneers in UAE until other companies were found. A reason for success can be their reasonable price range as in such low price you can get data for social media and browsing.

Etisalat Social Packages:

Social packages are one-time data packages, which means that these packages are not auto-renewed. In order to re-activate them you can send SMS to 1010, with the respective activation code, or activate them via Etisalat App.

Etisalat Social Packages

This set included 12 packages, in which you will be provided with data for browsing and social media separately. There is no need for de activation codes for social packages as they expire after their validity. Once the expired, alert SMS will be sent to your device.

DataSocial DataPriceValidityActivation code
250 MBNaN10 AED1 dayD250M
25 GB15 GB500 AED30 days25G
20 GB10 GB450 AED30 days20G
10 GB5 GB300 AED30 days10G
7 GB4 GB250 AED30 days7G
3 GB2 GB150 AED30 days3G
1 GB2 GB100 AED30 days1G
1 GBNaN50 AED7 daysW1G
250 MB250 MB30 AED30 days250M
300 MBNaN20 AED7 daysW300M
5 GB3 GB200 AED30 days5G
100 MBNaN5 AED1 daySD
Total DataData per dayPricePrice Per dayValidity
4.2 GB150 MB42 AED1.50 AED28 days
7 GB250 MB63 AED2.25 AED28 days
Etisalat Social Package

Unlimited Social Data

For whole month users can enjoy unlimited data in just 49 AED only. In order to activate dial *170#.

Etisalat Local Internet Packages

Local packages are designed for consumers who purchase data, not that often. Due to need of time, if the customer wants to purchase data in limited budget these are the deals for you:

Etisalat Local Internet Packages
DataData per dayPricePrice per dayValidity
2.1 GB75 MB42 AED1.50 AED28 Days
4.2 GB150 MB63 AED2.25 AED28 Days
7 GB250 MB90 AED3.21 AED28 Days
14 GB500 MB130 AED4.64 AED28 Days
28 GB1000 MB200 AED7.14 AED28 Days
525 MB75 MB15 AED2.14 AED7 days
1.05 GB150 MB25 AED3.57 AED7 days
1.75 GB250 MB40 AED5.71 AED7 days
3.5 GB500 MB60 AED8.57 AED7 days
7 GB1000 MB100 AED14.29 AED7 days
75 MB75 MB2.5 AED2.5 AED1 day
150 MB150 MB4.2 AED4.2 AED1 day
250 MB250 MB8 AED8 AED1 day
500 MB500 MB15 AED15 AED1 day
1 GB1 GB30 AED30 AED1 day

Benefits of using local and social packages:

Social and local packages are not designed for roaming purposes and are only accessible to users inside UAE.

Etisalat Daily Data Package

Not everyone is looking for long and lengthy packages. Sometime you just need data for one day, when plan to go outside, or visiting someone for the first time. for such times you need easy packages, which are only valid for 24 hours, and luckily Etisalat offers bunch of such packages.

Etisalat Daily Data Package

Regular Packages:

Regular package are everyday packages, which do not include any additional benefits like other packages. These are on auto renewal and can be activated for Etisalat application. It is also de activated for application. Once the expiry date has reached a SMS alert is sent to users’ device.

150 MB4 AED1 day
60 MB2 AED1 day

Etisalat Flexi Internet Minutes

DataFlexi MinutesPriceActivation
1 GB30 Minutes35 AEDDial *101*50#
1 GB60 Minutes45 AEDDial *101*50#
1 GB90 Minutes55 AEDDial *101*50#
1 GB120 Minutes65 AEDDial *101*50#

Etisalat Prepaid Internet Plans

unlimited3 Mbps or less3 AED1 hourDial *800*5#
unlimited3 Mbps or less6 AED3 hoursDial *800*5#

Etisalat Daily Prepaid Data Plans

Total DataPriceValidityActivation
60 MB2 AED1 dayDial *101#
150 MB4 AED1 dayDial *101#
250 MB10 AED1 dayDial *101#

Etisalat Social Data Plans

Social DataPriceValidityActivation
120 MB2.100 AED1 dayDial *170# & *101#
200 MB3.150 AED1 dayDial *170# & *101#
300 MB4.200 AED1 dayDial *170# & *101#

Etisalat Weekly Data Packages

UAE consists of many tourists spot, some where people visit for a day and some where you prefer spending entire week. During that week, Etisalat accompanies you with cheap rate data offers, so your activity on social media is not affected.

Etisalat Weekly Data Packages

Etisalat Prepaid Weekly Data Plans

For a balance check Dial *121#

DataFlexi minutesPriceValidityActivation
400 MB15 Minutes10.50 AED1 weekDial *101#
750 MB40 minutes26.25 AED1 weekDial *101#
2 GB100 minutes52.5 AED1 weekDial *101#
3.5 GB175 minutes78.75 AED1 weekDial *101#

Etisalat Weekly Social Data Plan

Etisalat Weekly Social Data Plan
Social DataDataPriceValidityactivation
150 MB1.05 GB15 AED7 daysDial *101#
250 MB1.75 GB25 AED7 daysDial *101#

Etisalat Combo Deal:

Combo deals are normally are for 28 days only but there’s only one combo deal for 7 days. It includes 1 GB of data 20 Local minutes and 20 IDD Minutes for 21 AED only for activation send Pinoy at 1012.

Etisalat Monthly Data Package

The larger the package the more economic it is, instead of purchasing packages every day or weekly, if you are want to enjoy data for long, you should prefer purchasing it at once, it will reduce overall cost spend on data packages and can be enjoyed for longer time.

Etisalat Monthly Data Package

Once the validity date arrives a SMS is sent to the user’s device, alerting that the package purchased is finished. Many of these packages are on auto-renewal, meaning they will be renewed automatically once the validity in over, however, it is recommended to check, whether the packages are in position or not.

All Etisalat’s monthly packages last no more than 28 days, despite the fact that all months, instead of February, ends in 30 till 31 days. Except, monthly combo package NO 1 containing 2 GB data 140 Flexi minutes in 100 AED, with validity of entire month.

Prepaid Wassel Data Packages:

Total DataFlexi MinutesPriceValidity
2 GB30 minutes47.61 AED28 Days
2 GB60 minutes57.14 AED28 Days
2 GB90 minutes66.66 AED28 Days
2 GB120 minutes76.19 AED28 Days
4 GB30 minutes76.19 AED28 Days
4 GB60 minutes85.71 AED28 Days
4 GB90 minutes95.23 AED28 Days
4 GB120 minutes104.76 AED28 Days
6 GB30 minutes95.23 AED28 Days
6 GB60 minutes104.76 AED28 Days
6 GB90 minutes114.28 AED28 Days
6 GB120 minutes123.80 AED28 Days
10 GB30 minutes133.33 AED28 Days
10 GB60 minutes142.85 AED28 Days
10 GB90 minutes152.38 AED28 Days
10 GB120 minutes161.90 AED28 Days
Prepaid Wassel Data Packages

Flexi Yearly Data Packages

Total DataFlexi MinutesPrice per yearValidity
1 GB30 Minutes217.14 AED28 days
2 GB30 Minutes309.52 AED28 days
4 GB30 Minutes495.23 AED28 days
6 GB30 Minutes619.04 AED28 days
10 GB30 Minutes866.66 AED28 days

Flexi Combo Plans:

Flexi Combo Plans

The combo plan provides the customer with plenty of data and Flexi minutes for both international and local calls, in a reasonable price range. These packages also are on auto renewal and are only valid for 28 Days MAX.

Total dataCallsPriceValidityActivation
500 MB25 flexi Minutes36.75 AED28 daysAC COMBO35
1 GB50 flexi minutes57.75 AED28 daysAC COMBO50
2 GB140 flexi minutes105 AED28 daysAC COMBO100
3 GB150 flexi minutes115.5 AED28 daysAC COMBO100
6 GB200 flexi minutes173.25 AED28 daysAC COMBO165
10 GB250 flexi minutes231 AED28 daysAC COMBO220

Other than these combo packages there is only one more package that is valid for calls in the Philippines. It includes 1 GB of data 20 Local minutes, 20 international minutes, and 250 Flexi minutes in 20 AED for 1 whole month. This is a part of piony packages. You can activate this using the Etisalat application.

UAE Visitor Prepaid Plans:

UAE Visitor Prepaid Plans

Flexi minutes are valid both international and locally. In order to check balance dial *101#. Activation can be done via call and application.

Total dataFlexi minutePriceWi-FiValidity
2 GB30 minutes49 AED28 Days
4 GB30 minutes79 AED5 Hours28 Days
8 GB120 minutes125 AED30 Hours28 Days
22.5 GB525 minutes200 AED28 Days

Etisalat Regular Data Packages:

These are regular data packages, which can be activated by Etisalat Application.

Total dataPriceValidity
50 MB30 AED28 days
1 GB50 AED28 days
3 GB100 AED28 days
6 GB150 AED28 days
10 GB200 AED28 days
20 GB300 AED28 days
50 GB600 AED28 days

All these regular packages are valid till 28 days, except the 2 GB monthly package for 80 AED. It is valid for 1 month.

Etisalat Monthly Social Plans

Etisalat Monthly Social Plans

For usage check dial *170*1#

Social DataDataPriceValidityActivation code
250 MB250 MB31.5 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
1 GBNaN51.45 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
1 GB1 GB105 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
2 GB3 GB157.5 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
3 GB5 GB210 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
4 GB7 GB262.5 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
5 GB10 GB315 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
10 GB20 GB472.5 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#
15 GB25 GB & 30 hours
free Wi-Fi
525 AED30 daysDial *170# or *101#

Etisalat Global Data Plan

Along with UAE, Etisalat have been serving 16 more countries, who one way or another have been benefiting UAE. These countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan and 14 other Asian countries.

Etisalat Internet Packages Afghanistan:

Etisalat provide numerous amounts of excellent data packages in UAE, same is the case with Afghanistan. There are many other internet providers in Afghan, but since after 1976 Etisalat has had the most demand, due to reasonable prices and high-speed connection.

There are 5 kinds of internet bundle provided which include hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and night bundles so non off the customers wants are neglected.

All packages provided in Afghanistan are on auto renewal hence the message alert will be sent once the validity is reached, but the package will be automatically purchased again.

Etisalat Hourly Bundles:

Hourly bundles are only valid for a few hours and do not have auto renewal. However, an alert will be sent once the validity has been reached and if you still want to renew it you can re dial the activation code.

Etisalat Hourly Bundles
Hourly 1 GB1 GB20 AFN1 hourSend “1 GB” to 3378Send “PU 1GB” to 3378
Hourly 650 MB659 MB15 AFN1 hourSend “650MB” to 3378Send “PU 650MB” to 3378
Hourly 400 MB Bundle400 MB10 AFN1 hourSend “H400” to 3378Send “PU H400” to 3378
Hourly 512 MB Bundle512 MB12 AFN1 hourSend “H512” to 3378Send “PU H512” to 3378
Hourly 20 MB bundle20 MB50 POL1 hourSend “HL” to 3371Send “PU HL” to 3378
Hourly 200 MB bundle200 MB5 AFN1 hourSend “HL” to 3378Send “PUHL” to 3378

Etisalat Daily Data Bundle:

Etisalat Daily Data Bundle
Daily 1 GB Bundle1 GB50 AFN1 DaySend “D50” to 3378Send “PUD50” to 3378
Daily 200 MB200 MB15 AFN1 daySend “D200” 3378Send “PUD200” to 3378
Daily 2 GB2 GB77 AFN1 daySend “D2” to 3378Send “PU D2” to 3378
Daily 400 MB400 MB30 AFN1 daySend “D400” to 3378Send “PU D400” to 3378
Mukammal bundle500 MB, 100 minutes45 AFN1 daySend “45” to 3378Send “PU 806” to 3378
Mukammal bundle100 MB, 50 minutes20 AFN1 daySend “806” to 3378Send “PU 806” to 3378
Daily 50 MB bundle50 MB5 AFN1 daySend “50MB” to 3378Send “PU D50” to 3378

Etisalat Weekly Data Bundle

Etisalat Weekly Data Bundle
Weekly 1.5 GB Bundle1.5 GB149 AFN7 daysSend “149” to 3378Send “PU149” to 3378
Weekly 500 MB bundle500 MB50 AFN7 daysSend “300” to 3378Send “PU300” to 3378
Small weekly bundle300 MB45 AFN7 daysSend “300 MB” to 3378

Etisalat Monthly Data Bundle

Etisalat Monthly Data Bundle
Monthly 30 GB Data bundle30 GB1399 AFN30 daysSend “1399” to 3378Send “PU1339” to 3378
Monthly 20 GB Bundle20 GB999 AFN30 daysSend “10GB” to 3378Send “PU10GB” to 3378
Monthly 13 GB bundle13 GB799 AFN30 daysSend “7GB” to 3378Send “PU7GB” to 3378
Monthly 8.8 GB Bundle8.8 GB599 AFN30 daysSend “5GB” to 3378Send “PU5GB” to 3378
Monthly 6 GB bundle6 GB499 AFN30 daysSend “4GB” to 3378Send “PU4GB”to 3378
Monthly 1 GB bundle1 GB110 AFN30 daysSend “110” to 3378Send “PU 110” to 3378
Monthly 15 GB bundle15 GB1499 AFN30 daysSend “NBS” to 3378Send “PUNBS” to 3378
Monthly 2.5 GB bundle2.5 GB250 AFN30 daysSend “2GB” to 3378Send “PU2GB” to 3378
Monthly 20 GB15GB +5GB (256Kbps)1499 AFN30 daysSend “20 GB” to 3378
Monthly Etisalat 7 GB7 GB + 6 GB799 AFN30 daysSend “7GB” to 3378
Monthly Etisalat 4 GB4 GB + 2 GB499 AFN30 daysSend “4GB” to 3378
Monthly 5GB5 GB + 3.8 GB599 AFN30 daysSend “5GB” to 3378
Monthly 3 GB3 GB449 AFN30 daysSend “3GB” to 3378
Monthly Etisalat 1.5 GB1.5 GB299 AFN30 daysSend “1HGB” to 3378
Monthly 1 GB1 GB250 AFN30 daysSend “A1’ to 3378
Mukammal monthly1500 minutes, 500 MB, 500 SMS299 AFN30 daysSend “M299” to 3378Send “PU M299” to 3378
Mukammal Monthly2 GB, 2000 minutes, 2000 SMS450 AFN30 daysSend “450” to 3378Send “PU 450” to 3378
Mukammal Monthly6 GB , 1000 minutes 1000 SMS799 AFN30 daysSend “799” to 3378Send “PU 799” to 3378

Etisalat Night Data Plan

Etisalat Night Data Plan

Since after rise of social media, many telecommunication companies started offering night bundles. Etisalat did the same. Along with many other bundles, Etisalat provide night time packages as well.

Night 3 GB Data3 GB (between 11 PM 700AM)99 AFN30 daysSend “NBS” to 3378Send “PUNBS” to 3378
Daily night 1 GB1 GB (Between 11 PM to 7 AM)25 AFN1 daySend “NBD” to 3378Send “PU NBD” to 3378

Etisalat 90 Days Plan:

Etisalat 90 Days Plan

With those cultural monthly, weekly and daily deals, Etisalat provides two 90 days plans.

BundleBenefitPriceValidityActivationDe- activation
90 days 25 GB25 GB1999 AFN90 daysSend “20GB” to 3378Send “PU25GB” to 3378
90 days 6 GB6 GB999 AFN90 daysSend “6GB” to 3378

Etisalat Internet Packages Egypt

Etisalat is one of the widely used network in Egypt. After 1996, when Etisalat came to Egypt, over 148 million people became customer to them, yet I was surprised to see that Etisalat offers such little amount of packages there.

Etisalat provides free data plans on which you can use social media application  for 30 days only, you can use free social media application using its own social app which are only allowed in Egypt.

For using free enter, dial following codes:

  • For 50 GB internet, Dial *777#
  • For 100 GB internet, Dial *588*1#
  • For free prepaid 10 GB, Dial *777#

For unlimited Hotspot you need to purchase 4G broadband device.

Etisalat Internet Packages Egypt

Every service provider gives a free data for one month. In addition, Etisalat also provide 50% discount. For three months dial *777# or call 123 to avail this. With new prepaid connection you will get 10 GB+ data.

However, free data is limited, you can not renew it, time will come when you will need to purchase packages. Gladly Etisalat provides limited yet reasonable price data bundles in Egypt.

Unlimited tariff10 EGP500 MBs on Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter with quota.Throttle for Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter. 25 MB data With 5 EGP for 250 MB10 EGP for 500 MB1 month
Limited tariff regular usage – connect 2525 EGP1.25 GB with quota25 pts/MB without quotes1 month
Limited tariff medium -connect 5050 EGP3 GB with quota25 pts/MB without quota1 month
Limited tariff high – connect 100100 EGP7 GB with quota25 pts/MB without quota1 month
Limited tariff very high – connect 150150 EGP12 GB1 month
Daily bundle morning usage/non-regular user1.25 EGP6 MB25 PTS /MB25 MB pre daysdaily

Etisalat Monthly Data Package in Egypt

Etisalat Monthly Data Package in Egypt
Emerald 40019 GB400 EGP1 month
75 GBS75 GB85 EGP1 month
Connect 7.5150 MB7.5 EGP1 month
Mongez 301.8 GB30 EGP1 month
Hekaya 2005000 MB200 EGP1 month
Hekaya 1503500 MB150 EGP1 month
Hekkaya 491.25 GB61 EGP1 month
Hekaya 994 GB122 EGP1 month
Emerald 2009 GB200 EGP1 month
Connect 301.5 GB30 EGP1 month
Emerald 60035 KB600 EGP1 month
Emerald 100070 GB1000 EGP1 month
Emerald 2000100 GB2000 EGP1 month
Hekaya Mix 25500 MB25 EGP1 month
Hekaya mix 35850 GB35 EGP1 month
Hekaya Mix 501400 MB50 EGP1 month
Hekaya Mix 702200 KB70 EGP1 month
Mongez 60072 GB600 EGP6 month
Connect 15500 MB15 EGP1 month
Connect 452.5 GB45 EGP1 month
Connect 603.5 GB60 EGP1 month
Connect 1008 GB100 EGP1 month
Connect 15012 GB150 EGP1 month
Mongez 452.5 GB40 EGP1 month
Mongez 603.5 GB60 EGP3 months
Monge 1008 GB100 EGP3 months
Mongez 15014 GB150 EGP3 months
Mongez 25025 GB250 EGP3 months
Mongez 40045 GB400 EGP3 Months
50 GBS50 GB60 EGP1 month
15 GBS15 GB25 EGP1 month
5 GBs5 GB15 EGP1 month
25 GBS25 GB40 EGP1 month

Etisalat Weekly Data Package in Egypt

Etisalat Weekly Data Package in Egypt
Super connect 30025 GB300 EGP28 Days
Super connect 20016 GB200 EGP28 Days
Super connect 13010 GB130 EGP28 Days
Super connect 656.5 GB65 EGP28 Days
Super connect 353 GB35 EGP28 Days
Super connect 201.5 GB20 EGP28 Days
Super connect 10700 MB10 EGP28 Days

In order to check data dial *134# on download Etisalat application.


How can I  get Etisalat 49 GB?

By dialing *49# or via Etisalat application

How to buy Etisalat internet bundle?

To activate Etisalat internet bundles text “SD” to 1010 along with the package code

How to activate Etisalat Afghanistan internet packages?

Dial *888# , select your language and then select the code you


Etisalat has been trusted by several Arabian citizens; they have a lot to offer in very reasonable prices.  All the packages mentioned above give high speed internet all over UAE hence if you are a citizen, or are visiting UAE, Etisalat is the one for you!

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