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Etisalat call packages

Etisalat is one of the world’s leading service providers, based in UAE. It was the first one to establish a base in UAE and have gained a huge number of market share, not just in its home town, but in other countries as well.

Many families who have relatives living aboard or moving aboard are preferring using Etisalat, hence gaining customers every day. This is because Etisalat offers the most reasonable price deals. Mostly in 16 countries that have been providing UAE. Other countries do enjoy few packages but they are not specified for them.

About Etisalat Call Package

With over 155 to 167 million users worldwide, Etisalat is ranked 14th among the world’s leading telecommunication groups by Forbes Middles east. Etisalat has been serving for four decades and has earned 13 billion net revenue and 2.5 billion in consolidated net profit with an increase of 1.9 percent each year.

Namely, a pioneer in UAE, only company providing telecommunication service in the country, until other telecommunication companies emerged.

They aim to achieve a digital future, empowering society to understand their true potential. The future which they claim will Reshape lives, accelerating the economy and enhance the competitiveness of countries. However, the main services provided are SMS Calls and Etisalat Internet Packages services.

About Etisalat

Within four decades, they expanded on a multinational basis and are now providing in 16 countries, as a matter of fact, they are ranked as the strongest service provider in the Middle East, Asia and Africa by Brand Finance.

 Still, you can make phone calls to 190 other countries but, there are no packages available for those and you will be charged an average of 32 Fils per minute with 5% VAT included. The rate can differ as in Nepal it takes 38 Fils per minute.

Etisalat offers several international and local services to UAE and many other countries, as mentioned earlier. International packages are mentioned late with the respective countries, but for now let’s just discuss the local packages provided by Etisalat for UAE residents

Etisalat has an immense amount of daily, monthly, and weekly call packages locally and internationally which are more than just economical. Below is the detail about their call packages:

Etisalat UAE Call Package

Etisalat is facilitating, not just 300+ UAE nationalists and migrants, but many people worldwide with affordable call rates.  It brings you together with your loved ones with the line so clear that you feel the person is next door.  But not everyone wants to communicate for hours.

Etisalat UAE Call Package

If you are working in Saudi Arabia and want to stay connected at home check the following packages:

Etisalat Call Packages Daily

If you are working 24/7 in UAE and are too busy for long calls but enough for small hello then the following are the packages for you:

Etisalat Daily Local Call Packages

Using daily packages, you can contact any landline or mobile number locally.

there are three different kinds of daily call packages offered by Etisalat, one of them is the small call package.

TimePricePer Min chargesBenefitsActivationDe- Activation
5 Minutes1 AED0.2None*111*1*1#CLocal5 sent to 1010
10 Minutes2 AED0.20 None*111*1*1#CLocal10 sent to 1010
30 Minutes4AED0.13None*111*1*1#CLocal30 sent to 1010
Power Pack3AED5 Asian countries call, 10 international minutes to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, 15 local minutes and 20flexi SMS*111*1*3#Unsub sent to 1012

Despite that these packages offer a reasonable price, yet if you want even cheaper service. They are also available. You will have to pay price per minute, but the 5% VAT is applied to all the packages

Using daily packages, you can enjoy contact any landline or mobile number locally on discounted rates, saving 44% on 5 minutes and 10 minutes calls, and 63% on a 30-minute call than any other standard packages. However, these are not valid on any premium numbers otherwise they will be charged through a tariff plan.

Daily local packages

The packages will automatically be subscribed every day until unsubscribed manually.

Other than 5% VAT, no additional charges are added to both international and daily packages.

Things to remember are that

  • after you make your first call the amount from bundle will be deducted.
  • The minutes will be credited to your account
  • In case if the bundle minutes are full then they will be charged from tariff plan rate

Etisalat Weekly Call Packages

Daily deals are exquisite yet, they offer a bit less to enjoy, not all customers enjoy purchasing a package daily. And in a long run it will be expensive if you are purchasing them on daily basis. hence at such time, you will want to consider the weekly package.

Weekly Call Packages

Local Etisalat weekly call package brings you a lot more than just calls, but also data, SMS both national and international. However, you can only use these combos with in UAE. Another benefit of weekly packages over daily is that they don’t re-subscribe on their own. After the validity date these packages expire. Hence no extra charges than the one you used.

PackagePriceDeals ActivationsDeactivation
Pinoy 20 AED20 local minutes 220 minutes for the Philippines 210 Barada Minutes 250 SMS FlexiType Pinoy send to 1012Type Pinoy and send it to 1012

Etisalat Monthly Call Packages

not everyone is looking for a short-term deal some want a long-term commitment. For such customers, Etisalat brings magnificent monthly deals.

Monthly Call Packages

Enjoyed by both 300+ nationalists and migrants as well. There is a bundle of combos offered including data, SMS, and calls, one can select from whichever they think is suitable.

Packages PricedealsactivationDe-activation
Monthly combo 3535 AED15 minutes call, 500 MB data(local).250MBPromo DataDial 101Dial 101
Monthly combo 5050 AED30 minutes, 750mb data(local) and promo dataDial 101Dial 101
Monthly combo 100100 AED100 minutes, 1.5GB data (local) 1.5GB promo dataDial 101Dial 101
Small combo 4040 AED60 minutess,100 MB data (Local), 1GBsocial DataDial 101Expires automatically after 30 days
Monthly combo 100 2100 AED100 minutes, 1GB data (local) Dial 101Expires automatically after 30 days 
Monthly combo plan 150150AED150 minutes,2 GB data (local)Dial 101 Automatically expires after 30 days

Why to consider the Etisalat monthly deal

For starters, Etisalat does not have a count of the number of calls despite the number of minutes. They are the most reasonable choice, in perspective of price, and also they are valid in 14 different countries

Etisalat International Call Packages

Don’t worry! There are cheaper call services available for other countries as well. However, these packages are only available for countries in prosperity to UAE, inclusive to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran and Nigeria.

PackagesValidityActivation codeDe-Activation code
International Calls1.05 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
Nepal0.20 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
North Africa0.13 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
List F countries1.89 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#
List E countries1.26 AED per call*111*1*2*2*1#*111*1*2*2*2#

All call packages offer hajj and umrah call services for all countries. These rates are frequently updated. Using data you can use all social media communication applications, including Whatsapp, etc.

All the conditions are the same as the local daily offers, just that all the international calls will be charged per tariff plan. The package will be renewed every day until unsu;bscribed.

International Call Packages

In order to subscribe to these deals, you will need to send an SMS on 1012 with the text:

  • For China, Egypt (Etisalat) and Bangladesh “Dl50”
  •  For India and Pakistan “Dl25”
  • For Nepal “Dl20”
  • For the Philippines and Afghanistan (only for Roshan and Etisalat) “Dl15”
  •  For Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia “Dl10”

In order to unsubscribe Send an SMS on 1012 with text:

  • C DI50 for China, Egypt (Etisalat) and Bangladesh
  • C DI25 for India and Pakistan
  • C DI20 for Nepal
  • C DI15 for the Philippines (Smart), Afghanistan (only for Roshan and Etisalat)
  • C DI10 for Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia

Etisalat Call Packages in Afghanistan

If you are an Afghani and working in UAE, you can consider Etisalat as they offer huge sums off bundles for Afghanistan calls

Etisalat call packages in Afghanistan

Etisalat for Afghanistan is offering 4G services with unlimited on-net and off-net offers for prepaid customers. Just like in UAE, Etisalat is the best telecommunication service provider in Afghanistan.

30+ daily, weekly and monthly packages are available at very affordable prices. Select whichever package you think is the most suitable for you and dial the activation code to activate them.

5K minutes499 AFN4000 Minutes form 10PM till 6 AM & 1000Minutes from 6 AM till 10 PMMonthly dealType 5000, send to 3378
5K minutes (Night)199 AFN5000 Minutes from 10 PM till 5:59 AMMonthly dealType 199, send to 3378
1K monthly200 AFN1000 MinutesMonthly DealType M200, send to 3378
250 Minutes75 AFN250 MinutesWeekly DealType W75, send to 3378
150 minutes40 AFN150 minutes and 50 SMSDaily dealType 700, send to 3378
100 minutes25 AFN100 minutesDaily dealType 900, send to 3378
50 minutes15 AFN25 minutesDaily DealType 801, send to 3378

One thing the subscriber should know is that these packages re-subscribe 5 minutes after their expiration date, so if you don’t want to purchase these packages again, then deactivate them purpose is met.  All the packages mentioned below are only valid for a prepaid sim cards with 4.99 AFN

Etisalat All Network Packages in Afghanistan

All Network packages Afghanistan

Not everyone is using Etisalat in Afghanistan, so you will be needing deals for contacting them. However, there are only two deals available in this category.

PackagesPriceDealsValidityActivationDe- activation
ZIAD deal850 AFN850 minutes, 1GB data and 850 SMS30 daysType ZIAD send to 3378Dial 888
Azadi deal650 AFN500 minutes, 100 MB data and 500 SMS30 daysType SAZADI, send to 3378Dial 888

Etisalat Mukammal Packages

All in one or “Mukammal” are prepared for all customers who want more than just call deals. These include a package of call SMS and internet. These include:

Mukammal packages

Call rates to Afghanistan keep changing rapidly from headquarters. The normal rate is 4.51 AED which when converted is 95.87 in Afghani currency.

Mukammal 299299 AFN1500 Minutes, 500MB data and 500 SMSMonthlyType M299, send to 3378
Mukammal 450450 AFN2000 Minutes, 2GB data and 2000 SMSMonthlyType 450, send to 3378
Mukammal 499499 AFN500 Minutes, 3GB data and 500 SMSMonthlyType 499, send to 3378
Mukammal 799799 AFN1000 Minutes, 6 GB data and 1000 SMSMonthlyType, 799 send to 3378
Mukammal 4545 AFN100 Minutes and 500 MB DataDailyType 45, send to 3378
Mukammal 2045 AFN500MB, 100 minutes to Etisalat numbersDailyType 20, send to 3378

To activate this deal dial *177# or send an SMS to 1010 with the text “ROP”.  Follow the same procedure to check the balance. You will get an SMS alert when 50%, 80%, and 90% of data is used.

Etisalat Call Package for Pakistan

In 2006 PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd) purchased 26% of shares purchased by Etisalat for 2.6 billion dollars.  But still with inflation on rise, the question arises, can we still find a cheap call package for contacting Pakistan? Yes, we can. Etisalat provides the cheapest rate.

 In Pakistan, Etisalat is only serving to Zong, Jazz and Ufone. Other networks like Telenor or warid are not supported, so in case if you call other networks, you will be charged extra.

Etisalat call package for Pakistan

For Pakistanis in UAE can now call home at 8 Fils per minute, can take advantage of Etisalat packages. Not just from UAE, most of the packages offered in Afghan international bundles are for Pakistan only.

In order to activate this deal, you will need to dial *505# and then type 4 and then 1.  The charges are divided by 1 AED per 12 minutes. After expiration, the customer will need to re-activate the offer as it will not re-subscribe itself.

However, this offer is for limited time, it can be canceled any, so in case if you cannot re-subscribe it that means it has been discontinued.

8 Fils offer2.5 AEDCan contact jazz, zong and UfoneDial *5050#>4>17 days

If you want to make calls through social media application then, you can get is of 10GB for 2 weeks, for 150 AED.

With this deal comes benefits like you can contact networks such as Zain, STC and Mobily in Saudi Arabia. You can utilize minutes not just for receiving but also for making calls in UAE and other countries. You can also avail the best possible data speed and charges will once purchase, but will only be applicable when using it.

Etisalat Call Package for Philippines

Calling the Philippine from UAE cost you a bucket load of money, but not if you are using Etisalat International call offer for the Philippines.  The cheapest possible rate you can be offered is 0.95 AED per minute.

Etisalat call package for Philippines

To activate these offers you can either use the My Etisalat app, if not then dial *101*24# or else you can send an SMS to 1012 by typing the “DL15” code for Philippines packages.

Another option is the piony offer, a weekly package that includes 20 minutes international to the Philippines, 20 local minutes to UAE, 210 Barkada minutes, and 250 Flexi SMS.  There is no restriction on what to browse or chat. 

Call up57 minutes1 days
Call up380 minutes7 days
Call up700 minutes28 days

Data speed for this package varies between 192Kbps and 64 kbps. To subscribe for this offer type Text pinoy, and send to 1012 and to check the balance dial *140#

Benefits of using Etisalat

Once you activate these packages you will be able to enjoy the following three benefits.

You will get autorenewal service so if you want to discontinue the offer you will have to deactivate it. In case the offer is all used but you still have calls to make, then you can purchase another offer, doesn’t matter if the time for the last offer is still remaining. If you have not used the package in a while your package will not be renewed.

Terms and conditions:

Before activating packages, it is in your best interest that you understand the terms and conditions.

  • Smart mobile network in the Philippines also contains 15 minutes
  • Only the actual users can activate these packages
  • Philippine offers will only be valid for 24 hours after the first call made
  • 5% VAT will be charged on the first call made to the Philippines.
  • Charges will be deducted on basis of the number of minutes called.

Etisalat Call Packages for India

Unlike other countries, Etisalat does not have any specific package dedicated to calls to India, but all the international call packages can be applicable.

Etisalat call packages for India

If you are working in UAE and want to stay connected with your loved ones in India you can use the 500 minutes package. It is not dedicated for calls to India as Etisalat do not offer any particular packages for call to India, but you can select whatever country you want, but it is a good option to go for.

500 Minutes International49 AED28 daysDial *135*80#Send “voice” to 1012

To activate this plan dial *135*80#, select the country you want to contact and then choose the plan you want. In order to check the balance, you can send “voice” at 1012 or you can check via the Etisalat application.

Other international packages which can be used for to India include:

International minutes pack10 minutes5 AED1 dayType OINT5 send to 1012
International minutes pack30 minutes25 AED30 daysType OINT25 send to 1012
International Discount offer10% discount on all international call109 AED30 daysType INT10D, send to 1012

Etisalat Call Package Activation Methods

You can activate these call packages by the My Etisalat mobile application, or you can visit their webpage, you will be getting more details on the webpage regarding deals hence an informed decision can be made.

Among popular methods come calling or SMS, but that is if you have complete knowledge regarding every bundle. For call dial, the numbers mentioned above for deals and for message types with represented deals and send on the mentioned number. On SMS standard charges will be applicable however, calling is free within UAE.

(The details for calls and SMS are mentioned with every deal)

Another option is to call customer support and get information regarding packages and then apply them.


How to subscribe to Etisalat international call packages?

Dial *111*1*2*2*1# or you can activate the package via My Etisalat Mobile app.

How to unsubscribe from Etisalat international call packages?

Dial *111*1*2*2*1# to deactivate.

Do they have hidden charges for 8 Fils offer?

No, Etisalat do not have any sort of hidden charges for 8 Fils offer.

How to check the remaining free minutes?

Send “505” on 606 to check the remaining minutes. You will be alerted by SMS which might take some seconds or maybe minutes to receive.

How to check the balance in Afghanistan?

Dial *123#  to check balance.

What is the customer care number?

Either dial 888 or dial 0786-786786.


Etisalat has been providing magnificent service for the past 4 decades in 14-plus countries. You may not know them as Etisalat as they are selling with different names in different country, but out of 10 people, every 5 or 6 people is using their services and are satisfied with the choice.

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