Dubai Tourist Sim Cards & Data Plans 2023 – New Packages

Dubai Tourist Sim Cards and their Packages

No matter which part of the world you go to, one of the most important and primitive things is the SIM CARD. So, this article will be about Dubai Tourist Sim Cards.

When you are a tourist and visit a new place your first intention is to buy a SIM CARD and tell your relatives or friends that you have reached safe and sound.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai and want to know about the SIM CARDS information there. Then you are at the right place.

Here, in this article, I’ll provide you all the necessary information you want to know about tourist SIM CARDS of Dubai and their Packages.

Dubai Tourist Sim Cards Providers

In Dubai, there are three main SIM CARD service provides:

  • Du Telecom Company
  • Etisalat
  • Virgin Mobile

These service providers offer you some great and exciting SMS (text), call, and internet prepaid packages. The information of all the packages will be given in the article below.

Now the question is from where you can buy the SIM CARD?

You can easily buy the SIM CARD of your own choice from Dubai International Airport or if you have missed the opportunity then you buy it from any of the shopping malls in Dubai.

How you can get a free Sim card for tourists in Dubai?

Yes, it is true that tourists receive a free sim card of their choice as soon as tourist arrives at the airport if they’re 18 years old or above.

All they have to do is to visit the passport control officer and show him their passport and visa.

Now if you are confused that which sim you should choose? Then you can have a look at their packages and decide accordingly.

In my opinion, du SIM CARD will be more suitable because it comes with free three minutes talk time(national/international) and 20 MB valid for a month.

But, this small free incentive ends very soon and you have to buy a package later. The details of those packages are given in the article below.

How you can get a free Sim card for tourists in Dubai

Activation Procedure for free du complementary sim

  1. First, you have to insert the SIM CARD into your phone. Then dial *122#.
  2. After it, you have to enter your passport number, country name, and the date of your arrival.
  3. If you are eligible and also the details you entered are correct then you will get a notification telling you that your activation request is in the process.
  4. You will also receive a confirmation SMS once it is active.
  5. After receiving your confirmation SMS, dial 135 if you want to select the desired language and start enjoying the services provided by du Company.

Tourist sim card Prepaid Packages

As the free incentives provided in the free tourists’ SIM CARD are too less and quickly ends, therefore, you have to look for other call and internet packages.

Here below the detail of all the packages provided by Du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile are given.

DU sim card prepaid packages

The first package that I am going to tell you includes both minutes and internet MBs. It provides you 20 flexible minutes and 500 MB data for 7 days. The cost of this package is AED 55.

The second package is for those who need more internet MBs and minutes. This package includes 40 flexible minutes of calls and 2 GB of internet for AED 75. The validity of this package is 14 days. After the package, You can enjoy your Du Internet Packages and call package.

There is also a third plan by this company for the tourists. They can get a 3.5 GB data package including 50 flexible minutes of talk time for a cost of AED 110. The validity of this package is 14 days.

Most importantly, all the talk time minutes included in these packages are also valid for international calls.

DU sim card prepaid packages
Charges (AED/USD)DetailsValidity
AED 55 / 15 USD500 MB + 20 Flexible Minutes7 Days
AED 75 / 21 USD2 GB + 40 Flexible Minutes14 Days
AED 110 / 30 USD3.5 GB + 50 Flexible Minutes14 Days

Etisalat sim card prepaid packages

Etisalat offers two main prepaid packages for tourists. The first Etisalat sim card package provides you 2 GB of internet data and 40 minutes of voice calls at the cost of AED 125. It is valid for 14 days.

The other offer gives you 7.5 GB of internet and 175 minutes of talk time for AED 200. The validity for both packages is 14 days.


One good thing is, that both Etisalat call packages and Etisalat internet packages include an AED 100 Careem credit.

Etisalat sim card prepaid packages
Charges (AED/USD)DetailsValidity
AED 125 / 35 USD2 GB + 40 Flexible Minutes14 days
AED 200 / 55 USD7.5 GB + 175 Flexible Minutes14 days

Virgin Mobile prepaid packages

Tourists also have the choice to choose a Virgin Mobile sim card. Virgin Mobile’s basic monthly subscription package starts from AED 82.95 providing you 1GB of internet data and 50 local minutes / SMS.

Virgin Mobile prepaid packages

In this package, you can also add 50 international minutes. After adding 50 international minutes to this package, it will cost a total of AED 92.40.


All the information about sims and packages is specifically designed for tourists. For the residents, these companies have other plans (not discussed in this article).

I have tried my best to provide you the best and complete guide about the free tourist Etisalat, du, and virgin mobile sim cards along with their packages.

In case you want to know about some amazing call and internet packages provided by sim companies in Pakistan, you can also read my other articles.


How can I activate the prepaid tourist packages on my Du sim card?

You can subscribe through their official site, Du Official site.

How can I buy a Dubai sim card online before my arrival?

You cannot buy a Dubai sim card before arriving. You can buy a sim card on your arrival at the airport.

What is the activation code for a free tourist du Sim card?

The activation code is *122#.

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