Discover Hong Kong tourist sim card 2023

Discover Hong Kong tourist sim card

Sim card, just a plastic card, or a valuable asset?  We all know sim cards have become a big part of our lives. Without them, our social life is null. But that does not mean that you should gloss over whatever sim card you see. It is a very important decision to which sim card you should buy, especially when traveling.

Thankfully, finding a good sim card is not that hard when traveling to Hong Kong. To make that job even easier. In the article below, we have discussed the importance of and whether or not CSL’S discover tourist sim card the best option for your trip or not. Other than that, in a small chunk of our article, we have also covered little relevant information, which will help you in your trip to Hong Kong.

Discover Tourist Sim Card

One of the cheapest sim cards offers for tourists. They have no subscription fee neither do they have any extra charges. The two best and most popular packages they offer are:

  • For 5 days, you will get 3GB of data in just 88HKD
  • For 8 days, you will get 8GB of data for 118HKD

Both 3GB and 8GB data packages run on flawless 4G connection. You can even extend coverage to other countries, AKA, data roaming, for just $48 for 3 days.

Discover tourist sim card

Other than this, they also offer unlimited calls locally. We will discuss their packages in detail in a while, but first, let glance at their international services. Defiantly you will need to call back home, time to time; let see how CSL discover sim card offers for that:


CSL may not be the easiest option, but I think it is the cheapest one available at Hong Kong airport. Now generally, when making international calls from Hong Kong, you will need to install some applications. Still, when using CSL, you can call directly, without any application, but instead of put+ (your countries code), you dial 0060.

CSL discover sim card also offers data roaming, hence is no need to change your sim when traveling to mainland China or Taiwan after visiting Hong Kong.

Package chart:


PriceUseable priceDataValidityRoamingCalls
$188$488GB8 daysYesUnlimited voice calls
$88$303GB5 daysYesUnlimited voice calls

Other services:

Top upIDD 0060SMSRoaming in mainland china and Taiwan
$48 for 5 days$0.40 per minute Local: $0.3 and $0.78
International: $1.5 for china and $1.8 for other countries
$48 for 500MBfor 3 days
$98 for 1GB for 7 days
For Subscription dial *101*105*# or *131# and follow the instructions $0.40 per minuteLocal: $0.3 and $0.78
International: $1.5 for china and $1.8 for other countries
For subscription: dial *101*601*9#

Subscription: *101*601*3#
Discover tourist sim Data card

Roaming voice calls:

CountryCall to Hong KongReceive call Outgoing local call IDD
China ShegZhen$6$8$6$19
China GuangDong$8$9$6
China other areas$8$14$6

Landline and mobile calls:

In roaming, mobile calls are only possible for:

Mainland China, Canada, Singapore, and the USA

In roaming, landline calls are only possible for:

Mainland China, Canada, Singapore, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan< Thailand, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam.


All networks in Hong Kong provide the same amount of coverage, which is nearly entire Hong Kong. Remember, if the connection gets slow or hangs up, it will be just because there are too many users in one particular area. You are facing a problem. If you want to avoid that hassle, you can spend extra and purchase expensive sim cards, but once you are back, you won’t even remember you had that sim card. Hence, there is no need to spend extra money.


Discover sim card is only for devices with micro, mini and Nano sim card slots and is only rechargeable for 180 days.

It is a third-party service provided by CSL Limited, and the Hong Kong tourist board takes no responsibility for it.

In roaming, landline calls are only possible for

Other sim cards:

China Unicom:

One of the cheap sim cards to purchase at the airport, with roaming offers to Taiwan, Macau, and mainland China.

They offer 2 prepaid sim cards suitable for tourists in Hong Kong:

  • Great china 15 days 5GB in 128 HKD
  • Great china 30 days 6GB in 148 HKD

China Mobile Hong Kong:

China mobile also provides great service in Hong Kong, with fast connection and SMS. If you are from Pakistan, India, Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, or Indonesia, and will call back home from time to time, then china mobile is the one for you. You can find them at airport terminal one in 7-Eleven.

Why should you purchase a sim card as soon as possible?

When traveling, purchasing a Wi-Fi device, broadband or router will not be the best choice for a short time. Hence it is more preferable to purchase a sim card. We will talk about that in detail later on. Right now, you should know those tourist sim cards are the cheapest way to stay connected to your friends and family, back at home. You can use data daily, weekly or monthly packages and enjoy social media.

No need to worry about Wi-Fi in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is overloaded with free Wi-Fi service and good connections, especially tourist spots. Wi-Fi connections are marvelous in major cities, attraction spots, shopping centers, parks, sports centers, and other centers. Hence your hot spot will be by your side throughout your trip. Even when moving around in public transport, you will not be deprived of the internet.

There is a free wireless Wi-Fi connection at public places and at airport terminals. At every MTR station, you can connect to a free wireless MTR net for 15 minutes.

Where can you buy a prepaid sim card from in Hong Kong?

Once you have figured out which sim card to purchase, now time to glance upon where to buy this from; lucky for you, I have done plenty of research and put together a small yet helpful guide, so you don’t face any trouble.

There are three shops at terminal one. There is a 101 between two customer exits for discovering Hong Kong tourist sim cards. It is open from 7 am till 11 pm daily. There is a 7-eleven at the same spot, which is open 24 hours. They offer CSL and china mobile Hong Kong tourist prepaid sim cards. There is a china mobile shop at the same spot, which is open from 7 am till11pm daily, and they sell china mobile sim cards.

In short, there are only 2 tourist prepaid sim card available one is the CSL discover Hong Kong tourist prepaid sim card, which cost around $88HKD, and the china mobile Hong Kong individual traveler prepaid sim card $68HKD.

CSL discover tourist sim card is only recommended for you if you are looking forward to a short trip to either Hong Kong or Macau, keeping their data offers in mind. In my opinion, you should get a 118 HKD in which you will get 8GB for 8days. I think it is more reasonable than other offers.

Running out of battery:

If your phone is running out of battery and you have forgotten your power bank, no need to panic. In Hong Kong, you can get your phone charged from shopping malls, convenience stores, and MTR


Finding a good sim card when traveling is difficult. We share your pain. That is why we compiled all the possible information in the article above so you don’t have to go through any trouble. I hope you find our article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a SIM card in Hong Kong?

There are many places in Hong Kong where you can purchase. The best place is to purchase a sim card is at the airport. At terminal 1 on Hong Kong airport, you can find several shops selling sim cards of different providers, including CSL and China mobile.

Can I buy a sim card from 7-Eleven?

Yes, there is a 7-Eleven at Hong Kong Airport terminal one, where you can find CSL and china mobile sim cards.

Does the Hong Kong sim card work in Macau?

Yes, many Hong Kong sim cards offer roaming services in Macau and other 34 countries.

Is there free Wi-Fi in Hong Kong?

Yes! That’s true Hong Kong government Gov. Wi-Fi scheme provides free wireless internet with over 3000 hotspots at 570 locations.

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